Authored by Alex Passantino

Last Friday, the Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division (WHD) submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) its Final Rule to implement a $10.10 minimum wage for federal contractor employees pursuant to Executive Order 13658.  The Final Rule will address comments made by the
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Co-authored by Alex Passantino and Lawrence Lorber

Yesterday, the White House released the President’s budget request for FY2015.  The U.S. Department of Labor’s budget request includes more than $11.8 billion in funding increases across all of its programs.  The Wage & Hour Division would get $41 million of that increase. 

This massive (18%) increase to WHD’s budget seeks to
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seyfarth.jpgAuthored by Alex Passantino

As we have noted several times here on the blog, over the past several years WHD has been dramatically increasing its use of the full complement of enforcement tools.  Liquidated damages.  Civil money penalties.  Litigation.  Consent judgments.  “Hot goods” violations.  Anything WHD can do to make the violation more painful than compliance.

Few cases exemplify the

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