petition for writ of certiorari

Co-authored by Rebecca Pratt Bromet and Ashley Choren Workman

Today the Supreme Court granted the cert petition filed in Busk v. Integrity Staffing, agreeing to answer the question of whether time spent by workers in security screenings is compensable under the FLSA and the Portal-to-Portal Act.  (See Cert Petition; Docket).  Importantly, the Supreme Court will (hopefully)
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Co-Authored by Rebecca Pratt Bromet and Ashley Choren Workman

From warehouses to retail establishments, airports to power plants, employees in countless industries spend time every day in pre- or post-shift security screenings.  For decades, it was well accepted that such time was not compensable under the FLSA.  In 2013, however, the Ninth Circuit took a radical step away from established
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supreme court.jpgCo authored by Steve Shardonofsky and Noah Finkel

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision to deny certiorari in Martin et al. v. Spring Break ’83 Productions, L.L.C. et al.  This decision leaves in place the Fifth Circuit’s ruling enforcing a private FLSA settlement—a first for any federal appellate court.

In Martin, four union-represented plaintiffs

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supreme court.jpgAuthored by Steve Shardonofsky

As we blogged here earlier this year, the Fifth Circuit in Martin et al. v. Spring Break ’83 Productions, L.L.C. et al.; No. 11-30671 (July 24, 2012) became the first federal appellate court to enforce a private FLSA settlement.  Now, the United States Supreme Court may get a chance to weigh in on this issue

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