We write today to ask for your help. The American Bar Association is holding a competition for the 100 best legal blogs. Through this competition, the ABA is seeking to identify legal blogs that people in the legal profession should know about.

Seyfarth’s Wage & Hour Litigation Blog is a one-of-a-kind reference site that provides a one-stop resource for employers to stay on top of current developments in this important field. During our 1 ½ years of blogging on wage and hour legal developments—key court decisions; Department of Labor positions in amicus briefs, administrator interpretations and guidance; and state and federal legislative efforts to amend wage and hour laws—we have reported the news timely and in a manner that we strive to make useful to employers, in-house counsel and management lawyers generally.

We have been very pleased and honored to receive many compliments from our readers about our postings. We know anecdotally that our readers agree that we meet the standard set by the ABA in this competition for the 100 best legal blogs. We now ask for your help in having us recognized more objectively. Please cast your vote for our blog, www.wagehourlitigation.com.


When: There are only a few days left to vote. The deadline is September 7, 2012.


Where: Click the link here to vote by that date. Simply provide a short explanation of why you read our blog, and the value it provides.

Why: Check out some of the competition criteria:     

  • The author is recognizable as someone working in a legal field or studying law in the vast majority of the posts.
  • The majority of the blog is written with an audience of legal professionals or law students — rather than potential clients or potential law students — in mind.
  • The majority of the blog’s content is unique to the blog and not cross-posted or cut and pasted from other publications.

Hurry over to the polls, and cast your vote!