By: Phillip J. Ebsworth and Michael Afar

Seyfarth Synopsis: The Second Appellate District entered the fray and, like the Fourth and Fifth Districts in Galarsa and Piplack, held that an individual PAGA representative still maintains standing to pursue non-individual representative PAGA claims in court, even if the individual claims are compelled to arbitration.

In concluding that plaintiffs compelled to

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By: Phillip J. Ebsworth and Justin T. Curley

Seyfarth Synopsis: The Fourth Appellate District provides further support that plaintiffs do not lose representative standing once their individual PAGA claims are compelled to arbitration. In doing so, it rejected the argument that the language of PAGA requires a plaintiff to be able to maintain both individual and representative PAGA claims in

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By: Phillip J. Ebsworth and Justin T. Curley

Seyfarth’s Wage Hour Litigation practice group is excited to share this inaugural post in our new series, PAGA Paraphrased. The everchanging world of PAGA is full of verbose opinions, unwieldy statutory language, and a unique and sometimes perplexing vocabulary that even an exasperated United States Supreme Court expressed confusion over. Whether you

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